Development Blog

Announcements of new features and changes.


  • the list of groups on the left of group pages has been moved to the top menu
  • added "View Inactive Group" item to the bottom of the groups menu


  • added a module to allow users to add invoices by reporting usage, e.g. laundry washes + dries
  • added ability to view Househo...

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  • when viewing a document you can now copy the URL in the browser's address field to send to another community member. When they click on the link it will show them the document on the site.
  • there is a new option "only admins can edit types" for the Documents module


  • admin...

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  • can be configured to support multiple locations
  • can be configured to show overlapping/conflicting events
  • added "every month (same day, last week)" repeat option for events that occur during the last week of each month
  • added "email diners" and "email workers" buttons t...

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  • added payee field to checks, list of payees keeps things consistent
  • left side menu now better organized with sections for Income/Expense/Other transactions, Banking, Reports, and Settings
  • added reports for Checks by Account and by Payee
  • added Other Settings item so people with A...

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  • calendars can be configured to support uploading file attachments to events
  • calendars with start and end times now check for being out of order
  • calendars can now be set to check for locations already being booked
  • added an option for adding a "guest" field to Guest Room calendars
  • ...

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