Mosaic Demo

A sample community site

a link to a live demo of Mosaic is at the bottom of the page. Please read the following before going to the demo:

  • the username and password are both "demo"
  • the names of the people on the site have been randomly selected, the name on the "demo" account is Chris Bryant.
  • you are able to add, edit and delete data. Please don't delete data or add inappropriate data in consideration of others who are using the demo.

There are a lot of features to explore. Please contact us if you have any questions about anything. Almost anything can be changed to fit your community.

Here are few suggstions of things to check out:

  • use the check boxes below the main calendar to see overlapping calendars
  • mouse over a date on a calendar and click on the "add" button that appears to see the repeat, category, location, registration and reminder features
  • click "Common Meals" in the menu above the calendar to switch to the Common Meal calendar. Click on a meal that has "- open -" at the bottom or add a meal, see the "accounts" list at the bottom showing who is signed up for the meal
  • check out email page to see all the email lists. The lists "announce" and "neighbors" can be subscribed or unsubscribed with checkboxes. Subscription to the team lists is automatic depending on whether or not the user is a member of that team.
  • go to Pictures and click on a picture to see a large version. click on "comments" at the bottom of a picture to add a comment.
  • click on Bryant to go to the household page for the demo account. There are links on the left for editing the bio for the household and managing the household's pets. There are also links for contacts, notes, recipes and todos, which are all private to the household (recipes can be shared with the community). There are also links to check the household's common meal account history, HOA account history and water meter readings (with graph).
  • explore the rest of the site. Please contact us with any questions. Thanks!

click here to go to the demo, enter "demo" for both the user name and the password and then click the "login" button.